Human Performance Coaching Program

Perform a concise breakdown of the seven catalysts within your life, from work to home to other aspects. Taking these aspects into account to apply to your daily life and potential goals. This is not about giving you a standard program to fit your life, it is about utilizing these catalysts to accentuate and build your best life.

Now the time to discover and build the tools to lead you to have the courage to be you. The courage to be you is about being accepting of the imperfections that we are and believing in the worth and value that we have. We need to be a constant project. We need to be our own leaders. We need to be the function of our life’s dysfunction.

Who Is This For?

Do You...

  • Disguise the stress, pain, fear with non-purposeful action or words
  • Lack a defined purpose to movement and direction of self
  • Have success from the external world but lack internal value
  • Feel like you are wearing a mask to function daily
  • Feel you are living a version of your life that is not lead by you
  • Want to start your own path and believe in yourself
  • Feel you've been through a life-changing traumatic situation
  • Struggle to mentally focus on life
  • Feel that failures in life are fatal
  • Feel like you don’t have potential
  • Feel like you don’t deserve opportunity
  • Work in a guest (customer) service or patient service field
Forged in fire

The Program



Identifying, understanding, and applying your personal purpose to help set goals. Build the courage to be you. Identify your purpose (passion) to be able to have the ability to “Run Into Your Fires of Life.”



Discover the power of taking accountability for every action, decision, or goal. Build the tools to live ownership as a daily habit at work and home.



Get to your dreams or whatever you are going for with a tactical focus and precision. Identify the strategic decision (long-range or overriding) while creating tactical decision-making skills to continue to those dreams.


Emotional Control

Discover how to pressure proof yourself for stress and build a functional ability to recognize situations that
may cause emotional conflict.



Build your World Record Grit... Daily. Identify events or situations that will help you build your resilience.may cause emotional conflict.


Faith Over Fear

Uncover the power of self-leadership and belief. Develop a plan to characterize your self-leadership skills and what helps to empower/accentuate them.


Mental Strength

Define the courage and ignite the power of an elite mindset. Create the mindset that is unique to your journey
and the power needed to realize it.

Human Performance Coaching (1)


6 Months

$7,500 USD

  • 4 week focus on each catalyst

4 Months

$5,000 USD

  • 2 week focus on each catalyst

2 Months

$3,000 USD

  • 1 week focus on each catalyst


  • 1 Discovery Call (1 hour)
  • 1 Final Summary Call (1 hour)
  • 1 Hour Zoom Call – (7 for 8 weeks / 15 for 16 weeks / 23 for 24 weeks)
  • Weekly Assignments / Tasks
  • Access via Email for questions throughout the week


  • Access to Forged In The Fires Academy ($77 value)
  • Forged In The Fires Journal ($20 value)
  • Forged In The Fires Book ($12 value)
  • Keynote Speaking Discount: 25% off the standard fee


  • 10% off 7 week extension
  • 20% off 14 week extension
  • 25% off 21 week extension