Fireman Rob’s 7 Catalysts to Lead You


The seven catalysts from Forged In The Fires Book by Fireman Rob tie together like this.

Our lives demand purpose or passion for moving forward with motivation and desire to live. Once we find purpose, then we can find the strength to take ownership of our

actions, in-actions, words and habits. This is so important because it will create a strength in us to be able to make decisions without fear of success or failure. Deciding to act is key, since understanding our path will lead us to be more emotionally in control when faced with adversity or fear. When we control our emotions through the darkness, we can build resilience by stepping outside our comfort zones to find our true potential. This resilience along with our purpose will drive us to have more faith in ourselves and less fear of the unknown. With a piece of these six catalysts, we build our mental strength which, I believe, is our greatest asset in finding ourselves and living our potential forged in the fires. My dad would always say, “You can’t control what someone else does, just control what you do.” We must try in our lives to be not a person of success, but rather a person of value.

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