First In & Last Out


The philosophy of being first in and last out is about being the first one to attack the problem and the last one out to make sure everyone is safe.

In the fire service and the military, the leaders of the teams tend to be the first in and last out. You lead by example to teach your teams to how to lead when you are not there. It is important to be the example through your actions, every action.

This also correlates to all of your personal and professional goals, in that if you are the first to take a step and the last to quit, finding challenging goals will be more manageable. With this mentality and work ethic, you could ignite other members to follow your lead. Leading by example to raise the levels of all the individuals creating a more efficient and powerful TEAM.

Change the game through being there first and finish the game by being last out. I’ve made a career of this as Fireman Rob, by starting the Ironman races in the front and crossing the line right around midnight. It is about finding a way and making your effort your power.

Are you willing to be the first in & last out?

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