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Fireman Rob Inspires

Fireman Rob ignites courage to LEAD & BE YOU, so you can act decisively in the absence of certainty.

After Fireman Rob's keynote, your people will:

Be Courageous in Leading

Own their Unique Purpose

Be Resilient with Goals & Dreams


Fireman Rob

Fireman Rob is known as a dynamic storyteller with an inspirational voice, on the courage to lead your life. He helps people become greater assets to themselves and others, with the ability to lead with courage, passion, and mental strength. As a keynote speaker, Fireman Rob engages audiences from corporate clients to high school students. Fireman Rob delivers a powerful impact to your audience, through his stories and catalysts that have been Forged In The Fires of his life. From numerous years in the fire service to surviving on Discovery Channel’s show "Ultimate Ninja Challenge" to performing search & recovery after the September 11th attacks. His message resonates with everyone and has proven results. From surviving post-traumatic stress disorder to breaking a Guinness World Record to being a dad, he lives his message and delivers the fire to the audience.

Companies Impacted

Courage to Lead You

Lessons From The Fires to Finish Lines

Is it my choice to decide my future? Do I have to live by the aspects of other people's ideas? Courage to be you is about a journey. It is about trust in leading yourself down a path that others may say is not right. Yet, being courageous is not just running into the fires. It's understanding the fires and using them to your advantage. Success isn't happiness, success is value. Don't you want to stretch the limits of possibility in your own life? I have the catalysts to ignite a spark in you that you can translate into your fire. Life doesn't get easier, you will just get Stronger when you find the courage to be you.

Takeaways from Fireman Rob's Keynote:

  • How to Develop the Courage to Lead
  • How To Ignite Your Fire with the 7 Catalysts
  • How To Use a Mentally Strong Mindset to Lead
  • How to Empower Courage to be You