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“Firefighting is a tough business, and firefighters – more than most other professionals – need to possess a multitude of skills and talents, not to mention the personal character necessary to properly and respectfully representing their department and profession,” stated Tony Vitalie in his article on on “The 10 traits all great firefighters have.”

Even though this is a list of the traits that front line firefighters need, I see five of the traits being very integral for individuals looking to be their best and live their potential daily. Firefighters don’t always possess all these traits when they come into the field. A good majority of these traits, especially communication, adaptability, and dedication, are

refined and developed throughout a firefighter’s career.

The experience driven education is critical for a firefighter to develop great traits, since we are all unique individuals with different personalities and upbringings. These unique aspects create a great team of different perspectives, yet the traits mentioned in this article are focused traits that are unifying and strengthen for the team.

I truly believe that Tony has hit the target with these 10 traits. As you read through this article, look at your daily life and habits. Do they match up? Do you find the traits align with your daily needs? If you had to work one trait, what would it be and how?

My two cents…#5 Dedication: Passion, pride, heart, drive, competence, work ethic.

This is yours to own…yours to enhance…and yours to Live.

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