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There are thousands of speakers and consultants out there, but I deliver unique, real-life experience-driven content to your people. I’ve spent most of my life running into burning buildings and mitigating traumatic situations, in addition to having to make split-second life or death decisions.

Now, I understand that is not what your people may do yet, I believe in business and your employees are “running into burning buildings” while making split-second decisions when they go into every day of work. They are making “economically perilous” decisions every day. The most important part of creating success is to build and provide your employees with the purpose and tools to meet that purpose.

Are you willing to make an investment in your people?

Your investment in their growth is my purpose.

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Is it my choice to decide my future? Do I have to live by the aspects of other people's ideas? Courage to be you is about a journey. It is about trust in leading yourself down a path that others may say is not right. Yet, being courageous is not just running into the fires. It's understanding the fires and using them to your advantage. Success isn't happiness, success is value. Don't you want to stretch the limits of possibility in your own life? I have the catalysts to ignite a spark in you that you can translate into your fire. Life doesn't get easier, you will just get Stronger when you find the courage to be you.


  • How to Develop the Courage to Lead

  • How to Ignite Your Fire with the 7 Catalysts

  • How to use a Mentally Strong Mindset to Lead

  • How to Empower Courage to be You