Forged In The Fires

Real life experiences from firefighting, search & recovery 

after the 9/11 attacks, and breaking a Guinness World Record

make Fireman Rob a dynamic storyteller that inspires human potential 

and ignites passion in others to forge their leadership in the fires.

Companies Impacted

About Fireman Rob

"Your Strength Is In Your Passion."

My name is Robert Verhelst, yet most people know me as Fireman Rob.  I am a dynamic storyteller with a unique, iconic story that brings your audience to life.  From numerous years in the fire service to breaking a Guinness World Record to surviving on Discovery Channel’s show Ultimate Ninja Challenge to performing search and recovery after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, the impact of my message resonates with everyone.  I truly live and emphatically believes that power of purpose and a strong mindset can overcome any challenge or fear.  

Along with keynote speaking, I work with organizations and groups to Forge in the Fires their leadership and elite mentally strong mindset to perform to their truest potential and capacity.  I bring concepts I have used to thrive as a firefighter since 2000, break a World Record, survive PTSD and live as a leader in my life. 

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