Ignite your Forged In The Fires potential...

workshop / breakout sessions

Fireman's Rob professional training programs are customized to the needs of the programs, conference or group.  His dynamic storytelling, extensive experiences, and functional, proven content, can relate to the impact needed in the workshop, breakout or training session.  He works with the individuals running the event to create the most cohesive program to the theme and needs, then he adds the Forged In The Fires touch that makes it unique and will impact your audience.









7 Catalysts to IGNITE Your Mindset

Here are the Seven Catalysts that Fireman Rob will identify for you, to form an Elite Mentally Tough Leadership Mindset that is Forged In The Fires. Your attendees will be empowered to be the change and FIRED up to make the change. Fireman Rob's passion for his mission will be felt by your attendees.


Purpose - Identify your purpose (passion) to drive you forward and focus your efforts

Ownership - Discover the power of taking accountability for every action, decision, or goal.

Decisions - Get to your dreams or whatever you're going for with a tactical focus & precision.

Emotional Control - Discover how to pressure proof yourself against stress.

Resilience - Build your World Record Grit... Daily.

Faith Over Fear - Uncover the power of self-leadership & belief.

Mental Strength - Define the courage & ignite the power of an elite mindset.

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