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The Resilient Leadership mindset
Lessons from the Fires to Finish Lines

Is it my choice to decide my future? Do I have to live by the aspects of other people's
ideas? Courage to be you is about a journey. It is about trust in leading yourself down
a path that others may say is not right. Yet, being courageous is not just running into
the fires. It's understanding the fires and using them to your advantage. Success isn't
happiness, success is value. Don't you want to stretch the limits of possible in your
own life? I have the catalysts to ignite a spark in you that you can translate into your
fire. Life doesn't get easier, you will just get Stronger when you find the courage to

be you.

What your audience will take away

  • A greater purpose in understanding life doesn't get easier, they will just get stronger when they live their passion.

  • The power of Self Leadership in their personal and business life.

    • How to Develop a Resilient Mindset

    • How to Ignite Your Fire with the 7 Catalysts

    • How to Use a Mentally Strong Mindset to Lead

    • How to Empower the Courage to be You

  • The power and stories behind The Seven Catalysts

    • Purpose - Identify your purpose (passion) to drive you forward and focus your efforts

    • Ownership - Discover the power of taking accountability for every action, decision, or goal.

    • Decisions - Get to your dreams or whatever you're going for with a tactical focus & precision.

    • Emotional Control - Discover how to pressure proof yourself against stress.

    • Resilience - Build your World Record Grit... Daily.

    • Faith Over Fear - Uncover the power of self-leadership & belief.

    • Mental Strength - Define the courage & ignite the power of an elite mindset.

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