Fireman Rob...Inspired to LEAD

Dear Decision Maker and Future Client,

My name is Robert Verhelst, yet most people know me as Fireman Rob.  I am a dynamic storyteller with a unique, iconic story that brings your audience to life.  From numerous years in the fire service to breaking a Guinness World Record to surviving on Discovery Channel’s show Ultimate Ninja Challenge to performing search and recovery after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, the impact of my message resonates with everyone.  I truly live and emphatically believe in, the power of purpose and a strong mindset, to overcome any challenge or fear.


I use my life experience, failures and successes, to bring my audience to Forge in the Fires their leadership and elite mentally strong mindset to perform to their truest potential or at least start to.  I bring concepts I have used to thrive as a firefighter since 2000, break a World Record , survive PTSD and be a father/husband. 


There are thousands of speakers and consultants out there, but I deliver unique, real life, experience driven content to your company or group.  I’ve spent most of my life running into burning buildings and mitigating traumatic situations, in addition to having to make split second life or death decisions.

Now, I understand that is likely not what your company or group does, yet, I believe in business, your employees are “running into burning buildings” while making split second decision when they go into every day of work.  They are making “economically perilous” decisions every day.  The most important part to creating success is to build and provide your employees with a purpose and tools to meet that purpose.


Are you willing to make an investment in your people?


Your investment in their growth is my purpose.  I look forward to firing up potential at your next event.



What your audience will take away


  • A greater purpose in understanding life doesn't get easier, they will just get stronger when they live their passion.

  • The power of Self Leadership in their personal and business life.

  • The power and stories behind The Seven Catalysts

    • Purpose - Identify your purpose (passion) to drive you forward and focus your efforts

    • Ownership - Discover the power of taking accountability for every action, decision, or goal.

    • Decisions - Get to your dreams or whatever you're going for with a tactical focus & precision.

    • Emotional Control - Discover how to pressure proof yourself against stress.

    • Resilience - Build your World Record Grit... Daily.

    • Faith Over Fear - Uncover the power of self-leadership & belief.

    • Mental Strength - Define the courage & ignite the power of an elite mindset.  |  (608) 239-0064

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