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Height:  6'0"
Fireman Rob Triathlon
Fireman Rob Racing in Full Firefigher Gear
Shoe Size:  11
Waist:  36"
Wing Span: 72"
Weight: 235 lbs

Endurance athlete who wears full firefighter gear

(Helmet, Bunker Coat, Bunker Pants, Air Pak)

Weight = 50 lbs 



Inspire others to live with passion & impact lives

through his actions

Total Miles as Fireman Rob since 2011

Run Miles in Full Firefighter Gear


Cycling Miles


swim miles


Fire Helmet: 3.5 lbs
FR Helmet Cutout - Small_Website.png
Bunker Coat:  5 lbs
Bunker Pants: 5 lbs
Air Pak: 35 lbs.
Fireman Rob Finishing Ironman Kona Triathlon World Championships
Fireman Rob Firefighter Gear Motivational
Fireman Rob Triathlon in Full Firefighter Gear Motivational
Fireman Rob Finish Challenge Roth Triathlon in Germany Firefighter Gear
Fireman Rob 4.jpg
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