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Building a Legacy of Resilience and Impact

2024 Mission



As a committed athlete and public servant, I've had the distinct privilege of experiencing first-hand the transformational power of Ironman, especially during the moments when I donned my fire gear during the run portions of the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 triathlons. These experiences have taught me valuable lessons about resilience, leaning into discomfort, and the realization of seemingly unattainable finish lines. I've seen how these lessons translate into everyday life, inspiring mental fortitude and an indomitable spirit.


For the year 2024, I will be doing a mission of awareness and resilience.  The last time I raced in fire gear was 2019 after my Dad passed and the last time I finished the Ironman World Championships Kona in Full Fire Gear was 2012.


He always said "Control the Controllables."  That is what this year will be. A mission that not only advocates for mental health but celebrates the extraordinary strength within us all. I will compete in select Ironman 70.3 triathlons and the Ironman World Championships, in my iconic fire gear for the run portions. This will symbolize the resilience and fortitude of all those facing mental health challenges, affirming the belief that we are stronger than our circumstances.


This mission will reach its apex at the 2024 Kona. As the world watches, we can reinforce the power of resilience and the importance of mental health support, bringing these issues to the forefront of the global community's consciousness.


I've always believed, "Your strength is in your passion." My passion lies in inspiring others through storytelling, encouraging them to share their own narratives of resilience. I am convinced that the power of this mission, combined with the compelling content we can generate, will have a profound impact, just as Ironman has significantly impacted and, indeed, saved my own life.

Supporting Sponsors

The 2024 Schedule

Disney Marathon Weekend (5k/10k/Half Marathon/ Marathon) (January)

Guinness World Record Attempt Scottsdale, AZ (April)

Ironman 70.3 Des Moines (June)

Ironman 70.3 Louisville (Aug)

Ironman 70.3 Wisconsin (Sept)

Ironman World Championships in Kona (Oct)

Other Running Races (8)

***All races in full firefighter gear for the run portions***


Be part of it

As a firefighter, veteran, & endurance athlete, I have seen firsthand the challenges and adversities that life can throw at us. But I’ve also experienced the courage and resilience that people are capable of.

That’s why I’m committed to sharing my story and inspiring others through my public speaking engagements. Whether you’re looking to motivate your team, inspire your community, or raise awareness for a cause, I’m here to deliver a powerful message that will leave a lasting impact.

If you would like to find out more or be a sponsor for the 2024 Mission please email  

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