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3 things to ask yourself in the moments of darkness

April 20, 2023

Life can be full of ups and downs, and sometimes we find ourselves in moments of darkness that seem never-ending. During these times, it's easy to get lost in negative thoughts and emotions, but there are things we can do to help us get through these tough times.

Here are three things to ask yourself in moments of darkness:

What can I learn from this experience?

It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like the universe is against you when things aren't going well. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, try to reframe the situation and ask yourself what you can learn from it. Every difficult situation can teach us something about ourselves, whether it's a new strength we never knew we had or a lesson about how we can better handle challenges in the future.

What are some things I'm grateful for?

When you're in a dark place, it can be difficult to focus on anything positive. However, taking the time to think about the things you're grateful for can help shift your perspective and remind you that there are still good things in your life. It could be something as simple as having a roof over your head or a supportive friend to talk to. Focusing on gratitude can help you find some light in the darkness.

What's one small step I can take right now?

Sometimes, the best thing you can do when you're feeling overwhelmed is to take things one step at a time. Instead of trying to solve everything all at once, ask yourself what one small step you can take right now to start moving forward. It could be something as simple as going for a walk or reaching out to a loved one for support. By taking small, manageable steps, you can start to gain momentum and work your way out of the darkness.

When we find ourselves in moments of darkness, it's important to remember that we're not alone and that there are things we can do to help ourselves get through it. By asking ourselves these three questions, we can gain a new perspective, focus on gratitude, and take small steps forward. Remember, tough times don't last, but tough people do.

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