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Forged In The Fires to Find Perspective

Updated: May 27, 2020

Perspective on success. I have been taking a good look at what has happened over the past 8 years since I started racing as Fireman Rob. I’ve made many mistakes along the way, challenged myself to things I didn’t think would be possible, learned a lot of things along the way, and tried to the best of ability to be what was needed to each and every person.

This journey has been a major learning experience for me from understanding sponsorship to the expenses of racing to putting the effort in day in and day out. I wanted to make sure that I said thank you to all those who gave time, money, and effort to help me over the past eight years to inspire people throughout the globe. My goals throughout this whole journey have been to always follow the purpose behind the first race. One, to inspire people to follow what they are passionate about. Two, the remember those who lost their live at 9/11 and to remember how we all came together as a family to move forward. Lastly, the final reason I didn’t find out until I was fully involved in the journey.

I found out that I needed to find me and help me heal from the things that I had been hiding since 2001. I had never dealt with my demons that overrode my mental framework, not allowing me to move forward in life. It sucked and I had no idea that I needed to do something. I was so lost that I didn’t even know that I was lost. I don’t regret anything in my life, yet mistakes were made.

Personal development needs to be selfish because you are fighting to be the best you and no matter how much your support loves you, they cannot fight your fight. You need to. I call it being selfish to create the selfless, confident you.

“Life’s development is personal…make sure to take it to heart.” ~Robert Verhelst


1. Build Your Self-Awareness

2. Engage Your Purpose (Passion)

3. Embrace Fears and Doubts

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