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The GOAL is to Set Yourself Up for Success

Goals are complex entities that tease us and mock us and some- times, when we’re not looking, run and hide from us. We all set goals, some in the form of to-do lists, New Year’s resolutions, pictures of bikinis on refrigerators, dates circled on calendars, times to finish a race. Some of our goals are lofty, some not so lofty, but unavoidably linked to our passions, what we care about, what holds ultimate importance in our lives. Nothing great can ever be accomplished without a goal in mind. Before the journey to fulfill a goal begins, goals must be put in place.

Goal setting starts and ends with priorities. They surround everything we put inside, always there to hold the objectives of our goal together. Without our priorities to surround our objectives,

we could have an unsightly mess of mismatched objectives.

How do we determine our priorities? Our priorities are varied and unique to our lives. My priorities are driven by my passion, what is important to me, what comes from my heart. They are my family and service through action.

I look at the word, “GOALS,” using the word as an acronym to help me recall what is necessary in the pursuit of my goals. The “G” stands for gradual, not being greedy for immediate gratification, but rather patient and constant in my efforts. The “O” stands for objectives, that which gives substance and meaning to the goals. The “A” stands for adaptable, being willing to change and modify, to flexibly accept what life gives me along the way. The “L” stands for learning, what every step should give me, if I am willing to listen, be receptive, and use the knowledge borne of successes or failures. And finally, the “S” stands for the self-confidence that I acquire throughout the journey and that inevitably allows me to complete the journey.

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