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The Way to Decide to LIVE

Making decisions with a strategy in mind is the only way to move forward purposefully and get the results we want. Our lives are a product of the decisions we make, whether consciously or subconsciously, on a daily basis. Sometimes, even deciding where to eat is a challenge, and making more significant decisions can be scary. Living up to the potential our lives have… well, that’s what nightmares are made of. We can’t abandon our dreams, but instead, pursue them with realistic decisions that move us forward. Our passionate purpose must be the compelling force that guides our decision-making.

At every fire scene, numerous dynamic situations occur simultaneously. Decisions need to be made in the NOW. Goals may change, as may circumstances, but decisions must be strategic. If the door is not available, I will use the window. My purpose is to save lives and all my decisions need to focus on that purpose. Ownership of my decisions and my resilience from previous successes and failures are a crucial part of the decisions I will make moving forward. I need to run into the fire, knowing that the bottom line is to put the wet stuff on the red stuff, or my crew and I are screwed.

Strategic decision-making is made from understanding our purpose and being willing to own our decisions. Critical, realistic thinking that prioritizes and focuses goals and consequent choices is empowering and gives us the chance to live to our true potential.

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