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“Top 3 Ways to Identify Your Level of Mental Focus”

Updated: May 27, 2020

The process of making changes in your life, big or small, requires that you spend time actively engaged in the process. Luckily, the process of personal change follows many of the steps you may already be familiar with in your work life.
  1. Write down the 3 key characteristics associated with YOUR Mental Focus (ie. Patience, listening, etc...)

  2. Expand these characteristics with the situations associated with them (ie. Listening – I make sure to eliminate distraction when talking to someone on an important topic to make sure I am engaged fully.)

  3. Frequency - if you can’t measure it, you can’t explain it or build on it. The simple act of writing down your objectives and subsequent action plan helps to make you accountable and create a foundation to build on. Mental focus can be your biggest asset or your biggest liability - The decision is YOURS and any progress depends on your actions.

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