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Passion Influences All of Us

My thoughts on the recent article featured on titled "Why Passion Matters, According To 15 Of The World’s Most Inspiring People" written by David Kerpen.

Passion is a power…passion is your purpose…why do you not want to live your passion every day of your life?

This article helps to solidify the power and purpose that passion has had in influential people throughout time. It is our “driving force” that powers us through our lives to achieve our goals and push through our journey we call life.

From Benjamin Franklin to Oprah Winfrey to Shark Tanks Barbara Corcoran, they state that passion is a drive, an energy and your authentic you. The quotes within this article speak directly to my beliefs that your passion (purpose) is of utmost importance to find.

I hear you saying though, “I get it, but HOW?” “Where do I find it?”

It’s a simple answer…inside YOU. The problem is most of us don’t have those internal conversations or believe in those inner voices telling us who we truly are. is you talking. Have the courage to follow your passion because it will lead you to your truest potential.

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