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3 Daily Habits to Lead Your Life.

Updated: May 27, 2020

Understand how to lead yourself before you attempt to lead others.

The 3 critical steps to this.

The biggest mistake that people make when working to be a leader is I forget the first principle in leadership. It is to be the person both in actions and words that you expect from others and that others what do you want to emulate. We are all leaders. leaders in our own lives, leaders of the community around us, leaders of the future and leaders of change. It doesn't matter how small you feel you are, is 1 mosquito just as annoying as many? It is our understanding how to lead that we need to obtain before we can even attempt to lead others.

The three critical steps or habits that will help you to lead you daily are:

  1. Wake up with a purpose. Suffering from PTSD I understand the great need for feeling worth every single day of my life. I don't have the luxury of not understanding why I'm here because if I take a day off from leading myself forward I'm not guaranteed another day. It is our purpose that sets our alarm and makes us wake up to get our butt moving.

  2. Always tell yourself 2 things you're grateful for in the morning when you wake up and two things you're grateful for in the evening before you go to bed. This puts your mindset in a positive frame of mind, which helps the true leader do not see the obstacles but see the potential.

  3. Leaders are forward thinkers, dreamers and most of all those who do. What this means is a leader need to have habits to make each day count by doing instead of saying.

We are all looking for leaders to follow in our lives, when instead our world his looking for leaders to impact and influence other leaders. This means each and everyone of us is a leader.

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