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Functionally Manageable Life

Updated: May 27, 2020

Our lives are full of constantly striving to balance both physically and mentally, yet do we ever stop to define what our fulcrum is or how we can get there. The balance in our lives a lot of times comes from routine and belief that others will fill in the missing gaps. I tend to think different on the mindset behind the struggle for balance in life.

Much of what leaves me either prepared or not has to do with my life, with all the events and people that tug at my time, energy, and emotion. In order to be mentally focused with a positive mindset that says, “I can do this,” I need to grab the positive and kick the negative away. I must derive emotional strength from within my own heart, from the relation­ships in my life that buoy me up. The passion that dictates my goals is also a strong architect of my mental set. My vision is that I either do it or not.

Balance in my life consists of work, family, sport and school, although the priorities within this balance are more detailed to better help focus seeking the balance. I found that prioritizing within each category of balance helps not allow my mind to become overwhelmed. Maintaining the balance through understanding is invaluable in created a confidence that any of the elements that fall outside of your prioritize and balance will not break the scale.

I believe that the events of one’s life are valuable in preparing you over time for difficulty. Resiliency is one of the qualities that everyone needs in order to go confidently through obstacles and know that the unex­pected will not overtake you. Sometimes I have wished for fewer chances to build resiliency. I feel like I have an overabundance of them. My pro­fession alone re­quires me to ex­perience a range of emotions and still function.

I have learned through trials of sport and per­sonal life that I can be strong and persevere, grow from my failures and come back with a new understanding of who I really am.

Life will always be unpredictable and will make you question your path, but it is up to you to understand your balance and prioritizes, making your unknowns functional manageable.

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