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Habits Create Your Ability to be Successful

Updated: May 19, 2020

The secret is what psychologists call “habituation.” The more we are exposed to something that we initially fear, we eventually become used to it, and immune to it. Sometimes, to succeed, we need to stay in situations that are painful or challenging, always bearing in mind our purpose, while not allowing ourselves to be unduly harmed

in an unsafe situation that hurts more than helps. Habituation takes time to develop since it is our willingness to stay in a situation without losing control of ourselves or our direction. Physical endurance and the control of emotional negativity are two components for creating habituation. Controlling our emotional negatives will help us find that clear path that may be covered up; it will help us understand if we need to exit the situation if it is not leading us in the right direction. Habituation can be the tool that allows us to move toward our goal, to realize that the discomfort of challenge can lead to success.

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