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The Minds Path Less Traveled

Updated: May 27, 2020

Triathlon is a self journey down an off-road path with hours to think about whom you are, where you are going and why the hell you are doing this. The idea of doing any long distance race from marathons to century distance cycling is daunting in itself, but now add swimming, biking and running into one event. Who would actual pay to do this?

For me, committing to this challenge is more like signing up for an AP level on Your Life than a dumb idea. Triathlon is thought of as a selfish sport, yet I believe it is a good selfish, the kind that can build a person up to be better in all aspects of their life on a daily. The training is relentless, both physically & mentally. You are training your body to tolerant the pain and push through the elements on one day, even through you can’t simulate what it will be like exactly. Thus, your mind is being trained at the same time to handle the unknown while learning to have the internal conversations to keep you focused.

Whatever your journey is in life, challenge your possible both physically and mentally. This doesn’t just pertain to sport. Your body will respond to the situation with a chemical process that will directly correlate to your personal well being. I’m not just saying this to motivate you to try. I’m telling you that your mind wants you to travel the path of the unknown to find the potential you have, yet are too scared to find.

You are worth the time, you are worth the pain, and you are worth more than you think.

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