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What is motivation?

Why do we need motivation? Can you still go without motivation?

Motivation to me comes in many different forms from external, ie. music, individuals, quotes, movies, speeches; to internal, ie. dreams, memories, internal voice. Motivation is that adrenaline boost that pushes us to action and sometimes outside that comfort zone. Throughout my life my motivations have changed according to my environments and it has always been extremely important to me to understand what and why. I needed this for the simple fact that I need to know where to go to when I need it. I don’t want to be searching or miss an opportunity because of my lack of motivation preparation.

We NEED motivation…it is purpose. It is the drive, the gas pedal of life, and the road map to opportunity. Motivation is a critical item if you choose to be successful or a thought leader in the world or your own life.

In my opinion, you would only just exist without motivation. You are a clock puncher with no drive to do, just live a life that you weren’t meant to.

As I always say, I cannot make you do anything. I can give you the ideas and tools to do, but it is your MOTIVATION to want to. What is your motivation in life and why?

“To motivate is to inspire, to be motivated is to live…Live your life to inspired!” ~Robert Verhelst

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